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Common Types of Tire Repair

When Can Your Tires Be Repaired?

Getting a flat tire is a frustrating and inconvenient scenario for any automobile owner. While not every flat or damaged tire can be repaired, there are some instances where a fast repair can get the tire, and your car, back on the road. Continue reading below to learn more about what types of tire damage can be repaired and when you should consider professional tire repair. If you live in Canfield, Ohio, or the surrounding areas and need professional tire repair, visit us at Harlan’s Auto Care today to get the best tire care for your car, truck, or SUV.

Nail, Screw, or Small Puncture

Tire punctures from objects on the road, such as nails and screws from nearby construction sites, are an incredibly prevalent issue among drivers. While it may not seem like such small objects can cause a flat tire, tire damage from these objects is a common occurrence. Luckily, a tire repair in this instance is a quick and straightforward fix. First, the puncture must be located and the object removed. Then, the tire can be patched and the tires refilled with adequate air pressure.


Flat tires are frequently caused by the iconic pothole and can quickly degrade your tire’s performance. Not only can potholes cause ruptures in your tires, but they can also cause them to wear more rapidly, especially if you hit those unavoidable potholes on your daily drive. While some tire issues are simply unavoidable, being cautious and avoiding potholes when possible can help you avoid a flat tire or significant tire damage. If you notice or suspect that potholes are causing too much damage to your car’s tires, a tire repair professional can inspect your wheels for any damage and offer suggestions to prevent any further issues.


Overinflated tires not only affect the performance of your car but can also cause catastrophic damage. When your tires are overinflated, they will wear unevenly and develop higher internal pressure, causing various tire issues depending on the severity of the overinflation. Fortunately, this problem is easy to avoid. When filling your tires, be sure to use an air pressure gauge and stay within the recommended pressure ranges located on your vehicle’s driver’s side door.

Tire Repair Done Right

Understanding how the tire repair process works is a complicated process for any car owner, but we hope this article helps to relieve some of the tension and anxiety involved in the process. At Harlan’s Auto Care, we aim to make the auto maintenance process quick and simple for any customer in the Canfield, Ohio, area. If your car, truck, or SUV needs its tires inspected, give us a call or come and see us today for the best automotive maintenance in town.

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