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Common Auto AC Repair Problems

What to Do When Your Car’s AC System Fails

Your car’s air conditioning system may be something you take for granted until you have a problem with it. If you don’t take the appropriate precautions, some of your car’s air conditioning problems can become pricey if left ignored for too long. In this article, we will look at the most common signs that your car needs professional auto AC repair. Continue reading below to learn more about what symptoms you should look out for regarding your car’s air conditioning system, and be sure to visit Harlan’s Auto Care if your vehicle is displaying any of the following signs for requiring certified auto AC repair.

No Airflow

This first symptom may appear to be self-evident, but it is nonetheless worth mentioning. If your car is running, but the AC system is not sending cool air through its vents, or if it is blowing hot air, your car’s air conditioning system may be malfunctioning. In some instances, it could be as simple as a lack of refrigerant, a broken cooling fan, or a clogged air vent, and can be diagnosed by a quick trip to a local auto AC repair shop.

AC is Making Weird Noises

If you hear rattling or pounding when your car’s AC is turned on, this could indicate several problems. Though it could be a minor issue caused by debris, leaves, or dirt clogging the unit, it could also suggest that a critical component is worn out and about to fail. Any new or unexpected sounds coming from your vehicle should be inspected by an auto AC repair professional as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Small Interior/Exterior Leaks

If you notice coolant on the ground beneath your vehicle or notice water stains on the interior of your car, especially under the dashboard or on the front floorboards, you should have your vehicle inspected by a specialist. This problem could be caused by the drain in the bottom of your car being clogged, but because most leaks are minor and difficult to detect, they frequently go undiscovered for long periods of time. Small leaks can grow into significant problems down the road, so it’s essential to deal with them as soon as possible.

Visit Our Shop for Your Next Auto AC Repair

At Harlan’s Auto Care, we remain committed to providing you with quality auto AC repair to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. If your air conditioning system is showing signs of malfunctioning, call us today to speak with a service professional. You can also come see us in Canfield, Ohio, to have one of our service technicians take a look right away.

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